Opened in early 2010, Modern Age Tattoo Company is the brain-child of Jim Thomas II.  Modern Age is an effort to provide a place where like minded artists and collectors can come together and create quality custom tattoos, in a comfortable and professional environment. While not doing CHEAP tattoos, the artists at Modern Age strive to price their tattoos fairly.  Our mission is to do high-quality work and price accordingly, while giving our clients an enjoyable tattoo experience. 
  • We are the FIRST entirely approved by the Health Department to be an ALL DISPOSABLE shop, operating without the use of an autoclave. We use ONLY disposable tubes and one-time use needles, so you are GUARANTEED a safe and disease free tattoo! 
  • We use Eternal, Solid, and Fusion tattoo pigment, bringing you the brightest and longest lasting colors in your tattoos, as well as only buying premium needles and tubes. We also inspect every single needle we use on our clients, as an extra level of guarantee for a well healing tattoo.
  • We use Stencil stuff or equivalent stencil applicators to adhere your tattoo before we begin, we DO NOT use deodorant or other homemade stencil application techniques.
  • We are ALL artists here, striving to "re-invent the tattoo," putting all our artistic energies and motivations into everything we do.
  • Wednsday- noon to 8 pm
  • Thurs - Sat. noon to 10 pm
  • Sunday - Noon to 6pm