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Joshua Mason

I have been doing art since I could pick up a crayon. After getting out of the army I did graphic design for about 10 years until I got an offer to do some sculpting work. I sculpted for about 10 years sculpting toy prototypes for companies like Disney and Mattel until they started sending the bulk of their freelance work to China (yet another good job shipped overseas). When That happened I started to focus back on my painting and drawing (I took some classes at community college). After some thought, I figured that tattooing was a fantastic way to use my artistic abilities and it was a job that couldn't be shipped overseas and I always liked tattoos, so I started to study the trade and shopped my portfolio around.
Now here I am, at Modern Age Tattoo Co. I specialize in portrait work since my art tends to lean to the realistic side. So check out my portfolio and come see me for some killer ink!

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